A highly sensitive human always thinking in possibilities with a deep love to connect deeply with people and ideas.

Greta is a catalyzer. Whether in her personal or business coaching, she will push you to full speed driven by burning passions. Greta will provide you hands on solutions to reach your inner self that is waiting for you.

Greta’s powerful energy supports the process of transformation while connecting deeply to empower people to see their unique beauty. 

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How Greta got to where she is today ...

Greta has a passion for all things beautiful and finds pleasure in conscious awareness of the beauty of life. Greta believes growth happens outside the comfort zone thus she loves to do crazy things and places herself regularly outside her comfort zone. Greta is an explorer of the realms of life. Greta coaches and manages high performing teams in multicultural settings since 2012. The thirst for learning and transformation have lead her to discover new places and cultures having lived, studied and worked in Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, New York and Germany under the age of 30. Greta loves to challenge the status quo by critically challenging things as they are; she’s a maverick and consistent rule-breaker or ‘reality bender’. For many years she felt a ‘misfit’ and not ‘fitting in’ yet she listened to her inner voice telling her ‘there is more to it’. Her heightened awareness has fueled a constant process of discovering her true herself embracing the constant process of change. 

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