A session with Greta brings you immense energy, joy and clarity.

Greta offers Purpose Coaching (for individuals and team-leaders) as well as Conscious Business Coaching (for leaders, managers, CEO, entrepreneurs and self-starters).


Greta’s sensitivity and human centered approach allows you to show up as your true self.


Greta’s methodology and philosophy is based on heightened awareness, deep empathetic wiredness, yogic science, mindset mastery, abundance, non-violent communication, radical kindness and leadership experience.


Greta empowers you to your own inner guiding force.



Greta empowers you holistically, focusing on your purpose, prosperity, joy and soul connection.


Some results to expect from Purpose Coaching with Greta:

  • Feeling unprecedentedly empowered

  • Clarity on your purpose

  • Feeling and training abundance resulting in overall prosperity

  • Feeling incredibly joyful, positive and motivated after each session

  • Awe-awakening progressive enlightenment

  • Clear, assertive and successful communication

  • Confidence in your capabilities and confidence towards others

  • Awareness training and awakening your senses

  • Heightened capacity to perceive the world around you and being open for what the universe has to teach and gift your with

WARNING: expect magical things to happen


Greta is fluently trilingual and can coach you in your preferred language either English, German or Italian.

Greta empowers you holistically, focusing on your why, your leadership style and how to maximize your impact.

Some results to expect from Conscious Business Coaching with Greta:

  • Clarity on WHY you do what you do

  • How to get into flow states and work from an source of inspiration and motivation in your business

  • How to prioritize

  • How to be extremely resourceful

  • Mindset-control: learn how to transform challenges into opportunities

  • Self-Leadership: how to become the inspiring leader you want to be for others

  • Self-optimization without burnout effect

  • Clear, successful and non-violent communication

  • Coaching as a Leadership tool

  • Heightened awareness of the impact of your actions and communication


WARNING: expect the unexpected.


Greta is fluently trilingual and can coach you in your preferred language either English, German or Italian.

“I empower you to empower yourself."

Interested in coaching?

This is how it works.

An initial call will make sure you both can assess the fit for chemistry before committing to work together. The first call saves also to clarify your expectations and for Greta to understand your needs to develop a personalized program tailored to your needs. Once you have agreed on working together, you will define a regularity of internet calls. No need to be physically in the same place.


Working with Greta will make you feel empowered, confident and excited for your newly defined next steps enjoying a deep sense of clarity and direction.


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Who do I work with? 

I work with amazing humans, who know there is more to their current situation and who understand the value of investing in themselves in order to reach their goals and live their dreams! It’s humans like you who know they have potential and are ready to commit  to making the changes they desire. Today! 


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Are we a fit? 

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