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Welcome to the world of endless healing possibilities with essential oils and plant medicine. 



Essential Oils are the healing properties of nature.  They are small chemical compounds, tiny oily balls that are made in the plant, on the bark, on the leaf, on the flower. 

Making it simple: essential oils are the immune system of the plants. 

Made to attract what the plant needs and repel what the plant does not need by reproducing healthy cells, regenerating damaged cellular tissues, and creating an environment in your cells that activate healthy DNA strings (so awesome!). 

At the same time, they also work by having protecting properties, being able to kill viruses, bacteria, fungus and to create energetic boundaries. Essential Oils might be the new antibiotics.

Nature is so perfect that the exact same thing they do in a cell, they are going to do in our bodies. 

That being said, not every essential oil  that you find the market is the same. This is why I am so proud to partner up with doTERRA, a company who’s committed to bringing the highest quality essential oils to the market with unseen levels of transparency in the market. 

luxurious simplicity's mission is to satisfy your individual needs and wishes, keeping communication direct and personal.

Services include:

  • booking management

  • guest communication 

  • check-in coordination 

  • marketing of the property

  • smart pricing options to maximize occupancy rate

  • seasonal packages & offers

  • revenue-based billing


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Graziella is the house manager at Villa Tre Palme, one of luxurious simplicity's properties. 

Her cooking skills have been reviewed as the 'best restaurant in the area'.

Dive into a luxurious taste explosion of simple ingredients and enjoy a healthy, Mediterranean Sardinian feast.

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The #1 thing you need to focus on right now during the virus crisis. 

An educational video brought to by Greta with care and love to help you BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Photo @luciekanehl

Photo @luciekanehl

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