luxurious simplicity

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Property owners looking for someone to fully monetize their property and event organizers and vacationers looking for a sweet escape.

luxurious simplicity is a collection of stunning places that allow you to reconnect to the joy, beauty and essence of life.


luxurious simplicity is a community of travelers and property owners who value and celebrate the luxurious and simple things in life.

luxurious simplicity's mission is to satisfy your individual needs and wishes, keeping communication direct and personal.

Services include:

  • booking management

  • guest communication 

  • check-in coordination 

  • marketing of the property

  • smart pricing options to maximize occupancy rate

  • seasonal packages & offers

  • revenue-based billing


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Graziella is the house manager at Villa Tre Palme, one of luxurious simplicity's properties. 

Her cooking skills have been reviewed as the 'best restaurant in the area'.

Dive into a luxurious taste explosion of simple ingredients and enjoy a healthy, Mediterranean Sardinian feast.

Book your personalized holiday experience now.

Greta is as a Property Manager who loves to create beautiful experiences for people.

She manages luxurious properties and loves to develop your highly personalized experience with luxurious simplicity.

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Photo @luciekanehl

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