Entrepurpose Edition #2 - We Rise by Lifting Others

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

We CAN'T WAIT for this group to meet at our second Entrepurpose Retreat in less than 3 weeks in Begur, Spain.

We are so excited by the many participant requests we received, which made us book a second house to fit everyone in!

Read about the diverse group of #purposedriven individuals who will make this second #Entrepurpose Edition a grand one!

Get ready to be inspired.

Mariapia Gentile

Event Manager & Happy Soul

Mariapia is a shining soul who encounters people with immense kindness. She joins us from Rome where she lives and organizes beautiful food events. She joins the retreat because she dreams of empowering and enhancing her skills to the fullest to be able to live happily ever smiling, every day!

Tim Strasser

Social Entrepreneur

Tim is the Founder of rootAbility, a non-profit engaging students in sustainability projects and initiatives in higher education. He is joining us from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and joins Entrepurpose because he wants to maximize the outcome of his social impact ventures. Tim is also passionate about yoga, meditation, sustainability and the power of community to heal the world.

Arianne Streitberger

Art & Design Student

A beautiful soul from the Alpine region South Tyrol with artistic aspirations. She joins Entrepurpose to find insights and inspiration on how to turn her dream of an art gallery concept into reality. Arianne’s secret mission is to protect animals from going extinct in this world.

Pia Koban

Marketing & Meditation Expert

Originally from Austria, joining us from Munich, the city she knows best from a culinary point of view thanks to her pioneering project Munich Inside. Her new passion is meditation and her most recent project in this area is called Feelfalt. She joins Entrepurpose to bring Feelfalt to the next level and build her business around it.

Fabian Kia

Emotional Coach

Fabian is joining us from Hamburg, Germany. As an emotional coach, he helps people identify and get past their emotional blockages. Fabian is joining Entrepurpose to connect with a purpose-driven community of individuals and refine his next big move.

Andra Medintu

Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

Andra is a Fashion Designer and #girlboss originally from Romania and joining us from Barcelona, where she currently lives. She is working on her business Brush soon to be launched. Andra wants to leverage the power of the Entrepurpose community and is looking for that meaningful connection that could bring her business to the next level.

Erika Badoor

Fitness & Life Coach

Erika is a Fitness & Llife Coach joining us from Amsterdam. She is building her Coaching Business and joins Entrepurpose to get clarity on her next business steps and to learn about concrete tools to execute on.

Victoria Lazarou

Creative Conoisseur & Brand Strategist

Victoria is a Brand Strategist and Global Entrepreneur. Greek at heart she joins us from Miami, USA. She is passionate about building brands and creating meaningful content. She joins Entrepurpose to connect with like-minded purpose-driven individuals and because she is about to launch her social enterprise in fashion apparel.

Calee da Silva

Emotional Coaching

Calee is a wonderful soul and Emotional Coach based in The Hague, The Netherlands. She joins the retreat to bring her Coaching business to the next level. She will be giving emotional healing sessions to our lucky participants.

Cindy Hoeben

Dance Coach

Cindy is a Physiotherapist who turned her passion into her business. She is joining us from Maastricht, the Netherlands, and her vision is to help people with her Dance Coaching to feel freer through movement. She will be giving dance coaching sessions. We can’t wait!

Florentina Olareanu


Florentina is originally from Romania and currently living in Vienna. Her passion for photography started at a young age of 12 years and her pictures capture the most beautiful time of the day, the Golden Hour Photography. She has attended the first Entrepurpose Retreat and since then she has launched her photography business making her passion her profession.

Ella Huhtela

Young Graduate

Ella is originally from Finland and is currently residing in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Ella is passionate about self-development and occasionally trains for triathlons. She joins us to refine her sense of purpose, be inspired and meet wonderful new souls.


Meet the Founder and your Entrepurpose Host Greta:

Greta Streitberger

Business & Purpose Coach

Greta is a bundle of sunshine energy. She's a natural host and makes everyone feel like they've taken a happiness shot. She's been organising retreats for several years in a dream spot in Sardinia (Italy). She's a mindful leader and advocate of the feminine energy in the world. During our retreats, she leads meditation, yoga, purpose and mindful leadership sessions.


These are the Upcoming Entrepurpose Retreats:

September 25-30 in Sardinia, Italy

October 25-30 in Sardinia, Italy

If you are interested in joining one, send me an email to greta.streitberger@gmail.com and we will schedule a short call to talk details and assess your expectations and wishes. Get in touch today!

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