The first Entrepurpose Retreat - meet the 8 women making it happen

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Read about how the idea of the #entrepurposeretreat came to life and find out who the amazing women are who make this first retreat happen!

Beginning of the year 2018 I had decided to take my dreams serious and to hire a coach to help me make them a reality. At the time I was managing and scaling the operations in a startup and building and leading a team of 12. I had decided I want to put my efforts and hard work into my own company - and make it my life project. So I started setting out to achieving this dream.

About two months into the coaching I wondered what it would be like to unite a small group of ambitious people in a beautiful spot, sharing experiences, expertise and thereby grow as a person and as a business.

I had asked my coach, Alix at the time, to coach me and a group of people in a beautiful location. I wanted to bring the coaching sessions to an experiential level including sensorial elements and an abundant environment with like-minded people.

A new retreat format was born based on my two passions: entrepreneurship + purpose and I named it entrepurpose.

How did I come up with the #entrepurposeretreat idea?

I asked myself two questions:

  1. What are my biggest questions at this point in my life?

  2. What is my unique expertise, which can benefit others?

I quickly figured that my most pressing topics are:

  • How to build a life around my purpose that would be fulfilling, fun & financially sustainable?

  • How to self-brand & market myself online, and

  • I wanted to learn from others who’ve done it before and thereby grow as a person and as a business owner.

Greta Streitberger

Founder & Visionary

Empath, visionary leader & advocate for the feminine energy. Powerwoman, global citizen & connector, fluent in 5 languages. Organized many retreats in the past & founded her own student-company. Currently living in Munich, leading a startup-team in the Home-Sharing-Economy & hosting workshops on mindfulness, leadership & personal empowerment.

What is the entrepurposeretreat about?

As the name says the retreat is about entrepreneurship + purpose.

The retreat has the aim to connect you to your purpose (the thing that gets you most excited about, which you love and which you are good at) & inspire you to design your life around that purpose.

"I understand entrepreneurship in the sense of taking your life into your own hands, claiming ownership over your choices and do that from a deep point of alignment.“

I am so thrilled to host this first edition of #entrepurposeretreat and I am proud to present you the most amazing women & participants to this first retreat edition:

Laura van de Vorst

Co-Founder of healthcoachFX

Nutritionist, writer, passionate yogi & eternal optimist dictated to helping you becoming your happiest & healthiest self. Organizer of workshops, conscious food clubs & radiant soul joining us from Germany.

Laura and I studied in the Netherlands, we travelled & organized many events together. Laura is a soul sister, one of my best friends and a daily inspiration for how she not only leads her life but creates it creatively.

Anita Klasanova

Co-Founder & Chief Technologist of Roobar

Started motherhood & entrepreneurship at the same time. Powerwomen by definition with a passion for sharing, connecting & empowering people. Sharing her expertise on how to build an authentic brand & company joining us from Bulgaria.

Emily Chen

Graphic Designer & Visual Identity Advisor

Started her career in NYC and currently living in Lisbon. She has a passion for women empowerment and initiated RD Women, a collective of Asian women in the creative, entrepreneurship and creative leadership sectors.

Asha Menon

Founder of Amtaltenpartners

15+ experience in the corporate world as a recruiting & people management expert. Founder of Amtaltenpartners, mother & Spain-lover living in Malaysia. She radiates sunshine from her heart, has tons of energies and is looking to accelerate her business.

Florentina Olareanu


Originally from Rumania, currently living in Vienna, 22 years old. Her passion for photography started at a young age of 12 years and her pictures capture the most beautiful time of the day, the golden hour. She is looking to launch her business around her passion.

Mirjam Edenhofer

Young Professional with a great drive for personal development seeking to grow in her career. Mirjam is a beautiful soul & joins us from Switzerland.

I am so thrilled & grateful for this bunch of awesome women coming together from literally all over the world at our #entrepurposeretreat to connect, share & grow as individuals & businesses.

Stay tuned for more.

To follow our experience live, follow me on Instagram!

Lots of love,



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