WonderWomen themed Entrepurpose Retreat

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

It's already been one month since the end of our first #entrepurpose retreat and we are still processing all the magic.🌟 We feel so #grateful this group of #wonderwomen came together and would like to share in this post with you what happened at the retreat and what’s up next!

This first edition was #wonderwomen themed and was all about how to thrive as a woman and how to be financially independent, whether as a business owner or a kick-ass employee.


We wanted to create a safe space in beautiful surroundings for ambitious #women to get away from their dailies, come together, share and learn from each other. We emphasized (re)aligning with a strong sense of purpose, being in contact with nature and other wellness and self-care activities and tailored coaching and workshop sessions meant to accelerate the personal and professional growth of each participant.


Our #wonderwomen flew from: Malaysia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Bulgaria. We've had #solopreneurs, #femalefounders and kick-ass employees wanting to take their game to the next level.

We've had a blast and felt extremely connected to each other right from the onset. This strong connection and love to support each other is still ongoing thanks to the various communication channels we've set up post-retreat.


The 5 days were packed with content and insights but everything was done in a soulful flow resulting in feeling energized and inspired all the time. Our days started with a morning routine, which included gentle Vinyasa-inspired Yoga exercises and a guided meditation. After this we enjoyed long breakfasts that were nourishing for the body and the mind with good food & good talks.

The mornings were tailored around coaching sessions at home and thematic workshops on leadership, sales and leads conversion, recruitment and personality assessment, brand-building, financial independence, nutrition, wellness and health and love.

In the afternoons we headed off to our mastermind #hikes in the beautiful surroundings of Begur. During these hikes, we paired up and acted as mastermind buddies to each other. It's crazy how nature, movement and beautiful synergies can get our juices flowing.

In the evenings we enjoyed delicious home-cooked dinners followed by inspiring evening sessions where participants gave talks and more workshops on their expertise.


1. From a bunch of strangers to a bunch of #soulsisters in just a few days.

2. It's crazy what happens when women come together, willing to share and learn from each other. We all have a new pool of friends to rely on AND who can help us on very specific professional areas too.

3. Hikes in beautiful surroundings are amazing for brainstorming, opening-up and letting go.

4. #breakthroughs are a convenient reality throughout the retreat.

5. A tight community of trusted people to rely on any time.


The positive feedback we’ve been receiving is mindblowing and incredibly rewarding. Thanks to the success of this first #entrepurpose edition we are already planning 3 additional retreats for the next 6 months.

The next #entrepurpose retreat is set for August 25-30, 2018, in Begur, Spain.

If you'd like to know more on how to join (and understand whether this would be something for you), reach out to us personally (e-mail or social media) and we'll be happy to tell you more. We're already reviewing many potential participants profiles and selecting the best fits.

(P.S. no need to be a woman to join next time.)

We look forward to chatting with you!!

With #love,


Greta Streitberger, Holistic Life Coach & Advocate of the feminine energy in the world

Have a look at the best moments of our #wonderwomen themed entrepurpose retreat.

All photo credits go to the incredibly talented Florentina Olareanu / Golden Hour Photography

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