"In times of rapidly changing environments, we must learn to become comfortable in the uncomfortable."

Greta Streitberger

Greta believes we must understand the interconnectedness of our body, mind and spirit to truly be able to live an optimised human experience. 

Greta has spent the past 10 years experiencing, studying and understanding her Human Technology and provides tangible solutions on how to live an optimised human experience in an age of interconnectivity, constant connection and change. 

Talking points: 

  • How to cultivate a state of awareness and the importance of healthy rituals 

  • The importance of purpose alignment and living our full potential 

  • How to upgrade our nervous system in as little as 3 minutes

  • Emotional intelligence and the capacity to decode our emotions 

When speaking about what it means to have an optimised human experience, Greta loves to engage her audience through collective meditations, future visualisations or breathing exercises.

This way your audience gets an experience leaving captivated, inspired and activated. 

Are you: 
  • looking for a motivational speaker that provides tangible tools to your team in need of a performance upgrade?

  • Looking for a speaker for your conference that truly captures your audience leaving them energised, activated and having learned something useful? 

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Other topics Greta speaks passionately about are:

  • Human-centered leadership: How to build personal practices with (self)-leadership and mindfulness in mind that work and help navigate everyday life

  • Conscious Business: How Greta manages multiple teams and businesses leveraging her female cycle optimums

  • Why community is important in an age of digitalisation: and how to navigate social isolation and overexposure of information

Book a call with Greta here and send us your idea and we'll together come up with a tailored speech experience for your event and audience. 

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